Sandpoint and surrounding areas Historical Photos
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Page 3 - Historical Photos of Sandpoint, Idaho and Surrounding Areas

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Welcome to the "Old Photos" section at On this page you will find approximately 200 old photographs of Sandpoint and Bonner County. Most of the photos were provided by the Bonner County Historical Society. To learn more about our history, please stop by and visit the Historical Society and Museum at Ella and Ontario in Sandpoint. Museum Web site >>

Use of any photos is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from The Bonner County Historical Society

Humbird Lumber Company Cabin

"Humbird Lumber Company Cabin"

300lb Sturgeon caught by Clarence Fry

"300lb Sturgeon caught by Clarence Fry"

The oldest building in Clark Fork

"The oldest building in Clark Fork"

Old Garfield Bay - Midas

"Old Garfield Bay - Midas"

Aerial Downtown Sandpoint

"Aerial Downtown Sandpoint"

Humbird Mill Houses

"Humbird Mill Houses"

The first snow plow in Sandpoint

"The first snow plow in Sandpoint"

Old Lake Street

"Old Lake Street"

L.D. Tracy Bike Shop

"L.D. Tracy Bike Shop"

The L.D. Tracy bike shop 1916

"The L.D. Tracy bike shop 1916"

Early Sandpoint Pioneers

"Early Sandpoint Pioneers"

Merwin's Hardware

"Merwin's Hardware"

Old Sandpoint Poor House

"Old Sandpoint Poor House"

The Pucci family cabin

"The Pucci family cabin"

Sandpoint was burning 1910

"Sandpoint was burning 1910"

Pistol Creek

"Pistol Creek"

Ice Fishing Lake Pend Oreille 1940

"Ice Fishing Lake Pend Oreille 1940"

A two-truck Heisler Engine

"A two-truck Heisler Engine"

Jeannie Whitaker Sandpoint Pioneer

"Jeannie Whitaker Sandpoint Pioneer"

John Elsaessor House 1896

"John Elsaessor House 1896"

Helen Peterson Sandpoint Pioneer

"Helen Peterson Sandpoint Pioneer"

Edwin Bonner's Ferry

"Edwin Bonner's Ferry"

The Second Long Bridge

"The Second Long Bridge"

Old Coal Chute

"Old Coal Chute"

4th of July parade 30's 40's

"4th of July parade 30's 40's"

The old Hope cemetery

"The old Hope cemetery"

A Woodcutter's Organization

"A Woodcutter's Organization"

First Avenue Circa 1940

"First Avenue Circa 1940"

Snow in Sandpoint 1940

"Snow in Sandpoint 1940"

The 1948 flood

"The 1948 flood"

Hope, Idaho Circa 1950

"Hope, Idaho Circa 1950"

Northern Pacific Lakeside Hotel

"Northern Pacific Lakeside Hotel"

The First Long Bridge

"The First Long Bridge"

A.C. White Mill Laclede

"A.C. White Mill Laclede"

Claude L. Fletcher Sandpoint Pioneer

"Claude L. Fletcher Sandpoint Pioneer"

Humbird Lumber Company

"Humbird Lumber Company"

Humbird Lumber Mill Sandpoint

"Humbird Lumber Mill Sandpoint"

The First Laclede School

"The First Laclede School"

The Laclede Ferry

"The Laclede Ferry"

The Laundry in Sandpoint

"The Laundry in Sandpoint"

An early look at the Laundry

"An early look at the Laundry"

L.D. (Lorenzo) Farmin Sandpoint Pioneer

"L.D. (Lorenzo) Farmin Sandpoint Pioneer"

The old school on Boyer

"The old school on Boyer"

Bridge Street across Sand Creek

"Bridge Street across Sand Creek"

The Three Bridges of Sandpoint

"The Three Bridges of Sandpoint"

A mountain view of Sandpoint 1940

"A mountain view of Sandpoint 1940"

The Sandpoint Docks

"The Sandpoint Docks"

Old City Beach Area

"Old City Beach Area"

Boyer Avenue from an Airplane

"Boyer Avenue from an Airplane"

The old Cocolalla School

"The old Cocolalla School"

Knights of Pythias building

"Knights of Pythias building"

1920 Sandpoint Fire Department

"1920 Sandpoint Fire Department"

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