Sandpoint Area Statistics
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Sandpoint & Area Statistics

Here is some of the statistical information about Sandpoint and it's surrounding areas.

The City of Sandpoint is situated on the northern shore of Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced Pon-duh,,ray) and nestled against the foothills of the Selkirks. It is located inthe middle of the northern panhandle of Idaho, 60 miles south of the Canadian border. The city is accessed from the south by the scenic Long Bridge, which crosses the lake at the mouth of the Pend Oreille River.

Sandpoint is located at a latitude of 48°15' and longitude of 116°30'.

Area elevation levels are as follows, from lowest to highest.

Lake Pend Oreille: 2,062.5 ft.
Bonner County Airport: 2,126 ft.
Pine Street: 2,194 ft.
Base of Schweitzer: 4,400 ft.
Top of Schweitzer: 6,389 ft.


Sandpoint is in close proximity to many surrounding cities and attractions.

Bottle Bay: 8 miles
Garfield Bay: 14 miles
Laclede: 16 miles
Hope: 16 miles
Priest River: 23 miles
Clark Fork: 24 miles
Athol: 25 miles
Silverwood Theme Park: 26 miles
Farragut State Park: 29 miles
Bayview: 30 miles
Bonners Ferry: 33 miles
Coeur d'Alene: 46 miles
Post Falls: 52 miles
Kellogg: 96 miles
Wallace: 97 miles
Moscow: 133 miles
Lewiston: 163 miles
McCall: 329 miles
Boise: 439 miles
Idaho Falls: 487 miles
Sun Valley: 500 miles
Pocatello: 536 miles
Twin Falls: 567 miles


Below is a list of well-known area's and the gap between us, listed from closest to furthest.

Spokane, WA: 70 miles
Kalispell, MT: 179 miles
Wenatchee, WA: 245 miles
Yakima, WA: 265 miles
Butte, MT: 303 miles
Helena, MT: 306 miles
Lake Louise, AB: 346 miles
Reno, NV: 865.1 miles
Everett, WA: 352 miles
Seattle, WA: 352 miles
Bozeman, MT: 390 miles
Calgary, AB: 392 miles
Portland, OR: 430 miles
Vancouver, BC: 495 miles
Billings, MT: 528 miles
Jackson Hole, WY: 548 miles
Edmonton, AB: 593 miles
Salt Lake City, UT: 715 miles
San Francisco, CA: 920 miles
Las Vegas, NV: 1,122 miles
Denver, CO: 1,200 miles
Phoenix, AZ: 1,455 miles
Los Angeles, CA: 1,471 miles


Sandpoint is constantly growing, along with other nearby places. These are the population demographics from 1970 until 2016.

Bonner County

1970: 15,560
1980: 24,163
1990: 26,622
2000: 36,835
2016: 40,877


1970: 4,144
1980: 4,460
1990: 5,203
2000: 6,835
2016: 7,365

Priest River

1970: 1,493
1980: 1,639
1990: 1,560
2000: 1,745
2016: 1,751


1970: 275
1980: 398
1990: 449
2000: 638
2016: 1,137

Clark Fork

1970: 367
1980: 449
1990: 448
2000: 530
2016: 540

Hope/East Hope

1970: 238
1980: 366
1990: 314
2000: 279
2016: 210


1970: 168
1980: 280
1990: 327
2000: 441
2016: 678


1970: 161
1980: 257
1990: 151
2000: 190
2016: 184

Bonner County consists of 1.2 million acres, which are employed as follows:

Forested Land: 1 million acres

US Forest Service: 500,000 acres

State Owned: 150,000 acres

Privately Owned: 440,000 acres

Water: 110,000 acres


Sandpoint has a moderate 4-season climate. Few days reach subzero temperatures and likewise, a few days reach over 90 degrees in the summer. Most of the precipitation occurs in the winter. The City of Sandpoint receives about 33" of precipitation annually. The mountains receive 300" of snow on average. Summers are drier with weeks of sunny days in a row.


Avg Min Temp F - 20.3

Avg Max Temp F - 32.3


Avg Min Temp F - 22.8

Avg Max Temp F - 38


Avg Min Temp F - 27.7

Avg Max Temp F - 46.4


Avg Min Temp F - 33.9

Avg Max Temp F - 57.2


Avg Min Temp F - 40.2

Avg Max Temp F - 66.3


Avg Min Temp F - 45.9

Avg Max Temp F - 73.2


Avg Min Temp F - 48.5

Avg Max Temp F - 81.9


Avg Min Temp F - 47.0

Avg Max Temp F - 81.0


Avg Min Temp F - 41.0

Avg Max Temp F - 70.5


Avg Min Temp F - 34.0

Avg Max Temp F - 57.0


Avg Min Temp F - 28.3

Avg Max Temp F - 41.5


Avg Min Temp F - 23.1

Avg Max Temp F - 34.1


Idaho Tax Information

The majority of Idaho's tax revenues comes from three sources: income tax (individual and corporate), sales/use tax, and property tax. Income tax and sales/use tax is collected by the Idaho State Tax Commission. Property taxes fund local government and are levied and collected by the county where the property is located.

Property Tax

Average Urban Rate: 1.7027%  | Average Rural Rate: 1.2045%

Description: The rates shown above are statewide average total tax rates for 2000. A rough estimate of property taxes can be calculated by multiplying the average tax rate by the property value, less exemptions. The actual tax rate is the sum of the tax rates of all the taxing districts in one location. Owner-occupied primary residences in Idaho qualify for a homeowner's exemption; this exempts 50% of the taxable value of the home (excluding land), up to a maximum of $50,000. Farms qualify for a partial exemption.

Retirees: Idaho property tax reduction (formerly circuit breaker) of up to $1,200 is available to persons age 65 and older, widowed or disabled persons of any age, and POW's who meet income and residence requirements.

Income Tax

Rate: 1.6% to 7.8%

Description: Individual income tax is graduated, so higher earnings are taxed at a higher rate. The first $1,056 of taxable income is taxed at 1.6%, the next $1,057 is taxed at 3.6%, etc. The maximum 7.8% tax rate is reached at $21,129 of taxable income for single filers and $42,258 for married couples filing jointly. Idaho residents are taxed on their total income, even if it is earned in another state or country. Idaho income tax brackets are adjusted for inflation each year.

Taxpayers are not required to make estimated payments for their individual tax return. Most wage earners have income tax withheld by their employers. Credits to offset income tax due include: $20 grocery credit ($35 for persons 65 or older); credit for tax paid to other states; and credits for donations to Idaho educational entities and some nonprofit youth and rehabilitation facilities.

Retirees: Social Security income and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Railroad Retirement benefits are not taxed. Taxpayers may receive a partial tax exemption for civil service and military retirement income received after age 65 (62 if disabled). A $20 grocery credit is refundable to full year residents over 62 who are not required to file an income tax return ($35 for persons over 65).

Sales Tax

Rate: 6%

Description: Sales tax applies to the sale, rental or lease of tangible personal property and some services. Food is taxed, but prescription drugs are not. Hotel, motel and campground accommodations are taxed at a higher rate (7-11%). Only one county (Kootenai) and a few small resort cities collect a local sales tax.

Estate Tax

Estate taxes are determined by federal requirements. Idaho's estate tax may apply when the gross estate reported to the federal government is $675,000 or more. Since 1/1/2002, the amount has increased to $1,000,000.

Inheritance-Gift Tax

Description: Idaho has no inheritance or gift tax.

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