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Bad customer service
By Disappointed , 07/19/23
Recently I purchased a new car, my very first new car infact and was super excited to receive the call saying I could come pick up my car but would need to obtain insurance first of course. So after work Friday I was rushing to make it somewhere i could do that and get it done by 5pm. I called the insurance shop in sandpoint. I was told to come on in, being I was right around the corner and even though it was 430pm. So I did just that. I arrived and was immediately helped by an agent I'll call here front desk lady, I told her about my exciting venture on getting my first new car blah blah blah, she was less than thrilled it seemed. She asked some questions, typed some things in the computer.... sighed alot! Then right around 5pm, she proceeded to call her significant other I assume, to inform them that she's still working and may be a while, sounding as annoyed as she could mind you. But that she would be home asap. As you can imagine at this point I'm feeling very uncomfortable. Like im putting her out by coming in even after I was told to do so..she then typed some more only to tell me that there was nothing she could do to help me get insured and that even progressive would be 4 -7 days before a policy would even go into affect, which she did not bother asking if that was something I'd even be interested in, she just went right on past it and told me sorry there's nothing i can do for you sorry. I left pretty crushed was unable to get my car that evening. However. I went home, got right on line with progressive and was oddly enough able to obtain insurance for myself in minutes. Even after she fed me some bs about 4-7days to take affect and there's nothing she can do.the insurance i obtained thru progressive took affect immediately that same day, no issues no waiting 4 to 7 days ! But because it was Friday night, I was the last customer of the day and She wanted to go home...i got treated like sone burden for her she had to deal with. Like she was put out by my presence, after telling me to come in..... um lady you are there to serve the public by offering a service, it's your job to provide customer service in a professional manner not to make customers feel so unwelcome and uncomfortable that they second guess even coming in, even though they called before hand where given the ok to do just that. I suggest maybe take a class on customer service or maybe take a step back and reevaluate what it is you do and remember you work in the SERVICE industry. Your job is dealing with people regularly in NO WAY ARE you better than anyone, you live in sandpoint like the rest of us you shop at the same stores we all do, you drive the same streets, you probably have kids that go to the same schools the rest of ours do! WAKE THE EFF UP BI**H TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANNA BE TREATED! FUCKIN SMILE AND REMEMBER this is a small town, eventually that person you treated so shitty will cross paths with you in someway wether it be casual, or maybe they're you waitress the next time you go out to eat, I'm betting you would expect to be treated professionally and respectfully, yes?... well perhaps remember that the next time a customer comes in just before 5pm on Friday. Maybe you'll be a bit nicer! I can honestly day that the experience has definitely lost the insurance shop at leat one sandpoint natives family's business... due to poor service and from a local place and person... BOO!

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