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Top Notch
By Phyllis Jay, 11/24/21
Great service. Very professional, trustworthy and honest. So are her employees. I’ve known her for over 30 years and would not hesitate to leave my house and valuable unattended to her or her employees. If she wasn’t so busy I would hire her to clean for me once a week.

By Anonymous , 11/12/21
Best in town, great service. Lots of experience and it shows.

Websters are cons
By Bob , 10/11/21
Oren is a kid, cute review. Over 30 years of good experience

Maddie Gill - Please be professional and only put reviews here...
By Oren Webster, 10/10/21
Our family used this service. My mom and dad both had items missing after Trish's Cleaning Service Employee Tiffany left our home. For Maddie Gill's information they did file a report with the Sheriff's office that night (Where Trish's son works). This idea that Maddie has that we should just file a police report and not warn others of the lack of professionalism we have experienced is disturbing and telling of character. Trish lied about the conversation she had with my mom. She lied to us about being a professional cleaning service who only hires professionals. My review is not about the theft but the attitude, harassments and lies told by Trish, her daughter Gracie Johnson, friend Maddie Gill after the fact. Never did Trish try to own any part or even help with getting my parents items back. Her cavalier and condescending attitude that they don't steal was all she provided. You can look on this review site and see the shill reviews that give 5 stars but are from family and friends not relating to their experience on service. People should know that even if nothing is stolen the quality of cleaning by the employees and the attitude of the owner are of low quality and lack integrity. I hope that my mom's diamond earrings are recovered. I know my father does not worry about the cash or his watch. But my mom got those earrings for her 10th anniversary.

Not a reputable owner.
By Amber Webster, 10/10/21
I had the unfortunate experience of having several items missing after her employee cleaned our home. Trish was not sympathetic or helpful in the situation. Unfortunately her solution was to say we don't steal you should just call the police and file a insurance claim your insurance will pay for anything that YOU lost or misplaced. She was unwilling to even question the employee or let me question her. Then we have her family and friends like Gracie and Maddie above harass us. I lost all respect for her when she lied to the detectives about what I said after we filed a report. This to me proves I'd she is not in on the theft's she is enabling them. If you use Trish or are thinking about it. Demand a background check and only have people in your home that do not have prior meth or felonies. Amber

Very detailed orriented
By Rebecca, 10/08/21
Tish is very detailed oriented and professional. She shows up on time, does a wonderful job, and guarantees her work!

Extremely professional
By Gracie , 10/08/21
Trish and her employees handle each and every job given to them with efficiency and tact. They are always willing to go above and beyond as I have seen and experienced. They are always busy which just shows how reputable they are! Very pleased.

Her employee stole and Trish was no help...
By Luke Webster, 10/08/21
Trish is totally unprofessional. Her employee stole my wife 10th anniversary diamonds, my Tag Heuer and $2500 in cash. When we called to let her know she was adamant that they "Don't Steal". She would not call her employee or help and suggested we should see who else might have been in the house. She then argued with my wife that maybe she misplaced them... Trish Fields is the worst protecting her employee Tiffany who did the stealing. To make things worse Trish thinks because her son Deputy Johnson is a Sheriff Deputy she thinks that proves her employees would not steal... Feel free to call or email me. Luke Webster

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